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Don Jitsu Ryu is a fighting system that is modern in concept but ancient in character and is governed by a philosophy of determination to overcome many of life's challenges.

Two and a half to three years on a proper training program, but it depends on the student and the quality of instructions.

Yes, all you have to do is an evaluation, once you pass the physical test to have your rank reinstated, it's ok.

Not really, because Don Jitsu Ryu is unique to Purple Dragon and new students must go through the complete orientation process including our ranking system. We grade our students according to our international standards, no one else's. However if a person has good basics, that may help them to rise a lot faster in our Purple Dragon grading examinations.

Yes, just like when you take many academic exam there is a fee, the same goes for your martial arts exam. The grading exam itself is free but students must pay for the processing of certificates, paperwork and computer files.

Yes, if your friend is interested in what we are doing, they may visit one class only.

One does not have to follow another person's spiritual beliefs to excel in the martial arts. When martial arts were started, the intention was to strengthen the mind, body and spirit of a warrior.

In order to feed the mind, we use intelligence, in order to feed the spirit, we use the Creator or the universe; In order to feed the body we train it in martial exercises. “Religion has its place, however it's manmade"

On the contrary, martial arts is non-violent. The real martial artist does not initiate quarrels but is always prepared to successfully reciprocate to situations that may arise against bullies or life threatening citations.

Self-defence is the ability to defend oneself successfully, adapting animal instincts for a life and death situation. Sport karate is the ability to follow rules and regulations that govern a sport event that has insurance restrictions, legal restrictions, etc. It is not always training for a life and death situation, whereas self-defence is closer to real combat. The average attackers use guns, knives and other objects to hurt you, you must train appropriately.