History of the Don Jitsu Ryu System 

about1A fighter by nature, the young Professor Don Jacob badly needed a positive outlet for his energetic and aggressive personality and he found it in the form of judo lessons from his first teacher Sensei Clyde Thomas who was also responsible for changing his entire outlook on life. He quickly became one of his teacher’s best students, and after earning his black belt, he got the opportunity to travel to New York where he met and trained with Jiu Jitsu practitioner Grandmaster Dr. Moses Powell.


about2In a teaching career that spans almost four decades, Professor Jacob has taught over 35,000 students and visited more than 50 countries, dazzling audiences with his dynamic and deadly self-defense performances. As one of the world’s highest-ranking black belts, he is also one of the most sought-after and respected martial artists in modern times.

He has taught and trained law enforcement agents, military personnel, police officers, FBI agents and personal body guards. Year after year people come from all over the world to train with Professor Jacob. They graduate as Black Belts, and return to their respective countries as certified and qualified Instructors, opening and operating Purple Dragon branches in their areas and transforming youths and adults into strong and positive individuals. Purple Dragon turns people into champions and leaders, giving them a drive for accomplishment and success.

As the head of a large international network of students Professor Don Jacob has always recognized the importance of discipline and insisted upon certain codes of conduct and protocol within the Purple Dragon Family. He does not only preserve uniformity among the various dojos but also insists upon the high standard of discipline for which Purple Dragon is admired worldwide.

Professor Don Jacob was the first Trinidadian to perform at Madison Square Gardens at one of the most prestigious martial arts shows, “The Oriental World of Self Defense” in 1977. He was also the first colored martial artist to write books on the art of Jiu-Jitsu. Among his published works are “High Impact Jiu-Jitsu” and “The Official Manual For Rape Prevention.”

caribbena-grand-slamProfessor has spent several years teaching, traveling, and studying various styles of martial arts, including traditional styles. Those who have seen him in action consider him to be one of the best martial arts teachers of all time. He is loved by many and envied and disliked by some. In spite of the critics, he continues to move forward helping his students, friends and organizations that need his services.

about4What is most noteworthy about Purple Dragon’s early beginning is that it was accomplished at a time when non-Orientals were virtually forbidden to open any new systems of martial arts – even more so in the Third World. Despite the initial opposition and disapproval of his innovative system, however, Professor Jacob forged ahead, making a name for himself and for PURPLE DRAGON. His persistence and determination have not failed him.

PURPLE DRAGON now operates a growing number of schools in Trinidad, and is thriving and growing internationally in other Caribbean Islands such as the Grand Cayman, Tortola, Antigua, Grenada, as well as in the US, Canada, Ireland and Australia as well. The video entitled “Unstoppable Force” is one of the best sellers bearing the success story of the life and times of this awesome warrior. This video is available as a must for all students.

Professor Jacob feels he owes all of his success to his teachers who gave him a lot of encouragement: Sensei Clyde Thomas, Dr. Moses Powell, Master Tusui Yoshitaka and Professor Wally Jay, as well as all of his students and fans that have remained at his side and supported him.